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The Zepp swing analyzer is one of the numerous golf training aids available on the market today.  Some deal with the full swing and others are more specifically focused on the putting stroke, the short game, the swing plane, the golf grip, rhythm, and others.  It will be the focus of this page to review and evaluate the different types of golf training aids available as well as their costs and their effectiveness.

The Zepp Swing Analyzer Golf Training Aid Review


Zepp is a company that produces a swing analyzer module or multi-sport sensor used for golf, tennis and baseball enthusiasts.  It fits easily on the wrist and can not only determine your swing speed but gives you a quick readout on your phone (via Bluetooth) of this and other data.  The phone app (33.86MB) is FREE and will allow you to watch swing videos of pro swings, analyze that pro swing data, compare pro swings in 3D and video, access training and pro analysis videos, as well as record your swing video and then compare your swing video with the pros.

Zepp multi-sport sensor / golf training aidsThe module or multi-sport sensor fits easily on your glove and costs $149.99.  In addition to the above analysis features it will allow you to capture and view your own 3D swing and then compare that with the pros.  Moreover the Zepp golf training aid multi-sport sensor allows you to analyze your own swing data and to then set swing goals and track improvements.  This is the truly awesome feature the multi-sport sensor provides.  By not only analyzing your performance but allowing you to track that performance and then compare the improvement (or lack of) to your previous stature and the pros you can evaluate your progress and makes corrections accordingly.  Professional golfers  Keegan Bradley, Brendan Steele, and Ryan Winther endorse this product.


zepp golf training aid 3D swingThe 3D Feature

allows a 3D swing analysis which can provide instant information and show you whether your swing is coming from inside to out or from outside to in or right down the target line.  This is the major problem most amateur golfers struggle with and why most slice the ball or on good days play a fade.  In my FREE eBook “How to Cure a Slice | For the Perplexed” this is one of the topics I cover.  You can pick it up under the tab labeled eBooks for FREE or you can purchase a copy on Amazon for $3.99 here.





zepp golf training aid club speed

Club Head Speed

The second tool the Zepp multi-sport sensor measures is club head speed.  After hitting a good shot or bad shot you can instantly ascertain the speed you are swinging.  This gives you instant feed back and can be a very useful tool in determining the nature, motion and mechanics of what generates a fast or slow swing.  My swing comes in around 100 mph while most pro players are in the 120 plus mph zone.





zepp golf training aid swing plane

Swing Plane Analysis

This third tool is ultimately one of the most important aspects of a golf swing.  Take a look at some of the videos on the video page and listen to greats like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones.  Both of these men talk about the importance of keeping the swing on plane and not coming over the top.  This is a key fundamental that allows the golfer to strike the back of the ball down the intended target line.  This tool, once again, provides vital and instant swing analysis to determine if you are keeping the swing on plane and what the deviation is.  Very nice.


zepp golf training aid tempoTempo

Another key fundamental that I again talk about in my eBook.  Without tempo or timing your endeavor to play better golf will never come about.  This element of the Zepp system is essential and optimal and provides instant feed back so that after hitting the perfect drive or approach you can actually see what that tempo was and then begin to emulate that same tempo in the future.  “How much was the bet again?”


zepp golf training aid backswing positionBack-Swing Position

Back swing position, another Zepp key position finding tool is to measure where your back swing is in relation to the optimal.  Most pros strive for 270 degrees.  Even though most elderly golfers cannot approach this realm the mark can be set and practice can extend this.  Without feed back you will never know where you are and where you can possibly go.





zepp golf training aid hip rotationHip Rotation

As we get older our flexibility is more difficult to maintain and as a consequence our hip and shoulder rotation are reduced.  Obviously if we work diligently and periodically this can be stretched into older age.  This golf training aid made by Zepp is a perfect device for measuring, analyzing, and then utilizing the information through a constant and instant feed back loop.  You can carry your phone in your back pocket and instantly evaluate your last swing.  What a world!




zepp golf training aid pro swing 2Pro Swing Video

Watching a pro swing both in video format and in 3D and observing the club, hand and swing plane provides solid evidence of the importance of proper fundamentals.  The more you watch a competent professional golf swing the more it becomes embedded in your subconscious and the more you will be able to replicate it.  More importantly after gaining this knowledge of how a golf swing should look with the Zepp FREE app and multi-sport sensor golf training aid system you can compare that with your own swing and begin to analyze and improve with the instant feed back mechanism.




Zepp golf training aid recordRecord

With this aspect of the Zepp FREE app you can record your own swing and compare it with the pros.  With the addition of the multi-sport sensor you can compare your swing with the pros in the 3D analysis mode.  My suggestion is to download the FREE app and see the information that is provided.  You can then easily determine if this is something that could help your swing and ultimately your enjoyment of the game.





zepp golf training aid compare to the proCompare the Pros

Here you can view how both Bradley and Winther size up.  To see different swings, setups, grips and approaches it is interesting to note the swing planes are both well within the target line and allow both golfers to strike squarely the back of the ball.






zepp golf training aid feedbackZepp Insights

Finally Zepp asks you to take 30 swings a week and allow them to crunch 90,000 bits of data to analyze your swing.  They will return to you a personalized and detailed report of the things you are doing best, what to focus on, and finally tips and drills to power more improvement.


Let me first point out that any sales made through this review will earn me a small commission.  That being said if you have a few swing faults that need to be corrected this device and Zepp’s website can be accessed by clicking the top Zepp graphic on this page or by clicking on the last sentence in this paragraph.  I have written a small instructional eBook as I have already pointed out and cover all of the fundamentals that this small device analyzes and records.  Without a doubt in my estimation and experience this product focuses on the key fundamentals of the golf swing and with the instant feed back it provides either on the golf course while playing a round or in your pocket on the range it is well worth the price.  In addition Zepp offers a FREE 30 day money back guarantee which gives you a no risk proposition. Try Zepp Golf Risk Free!

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