SwingCheck Golf Training Aid Review and Coupon Code

Swingcheck golf training aidThe Swingcheck golf training aid is a new and simple device designed to help golfers achieve the proper backswing and follow through.  The device is a compact, lightweight, and portable system and is easy to set up and use anywhere inside or out.  Moreover it is fully adjustable for both right and left handed players and can be used with any club and  for any size golfer.  This simple tool helps to build accurate muscle memory through a series of check points on both the backswing and can also be used for the follow through.

Proper Slot at the Top ~ Swingcheck’s 6th Position

As Ben Hogan once commented “One has only to find the correct slot at the top of the backswing and the shot is sure to be a success.”  The Swingcheck through its measurement of 6 critical swing check points will help golfers swing their clubs along the proper plane to avoid misdirected shots and build the proper muscle memory to hit the ball more solidly and with greater consistency.

Personal Experience

When I first began my golfing career my primary concern was always to get the club in the correct position at the top of my swing.  I felt when this was achieved the rest of my swing took care of itself.  As my golfing career progressed however I noticed that if my follow through was in the correct position my backswing would take care of itself.  No matter your penchant the Swingcheck will accommodate either measurement with a simple flip of the system.

Swingcheck Inventor Alistair Hardaway

According to professional and inventor Alistair Hardaway with only 5 minutes of practice a day the Swingcheck will improve your muscle memory and thus allow you to start and finish your golf stroke along the correct swing path and become a more consistent golfer.

Swingcheck’s 6 Point Check System

The six check point system begins at check point 1 at address then progresses to the 2nd point where the club is 45 degrees from address position.  The 3rd point of reference is when the club is parallel to the ground.  In the 5 minute daily drill each check point should be found with the club and then moved back to position one.  By moving the club along the Swingcheck training aid to each position or check point and then returning it to position 1 the proper feel and motion of the club will become ingrained in your swing.   Check point 4 is achieved when the club shaft is parallel to the diagonal rod and the 5th position is checked when the club shaft is parallel to the vertical rod.  The 6th and final position is achieved when the club shaft is 90 degrees from the diagonal rod.

By using this drill to position your club in each of these 6 positions in the backswing for 5 minutes a day the proper club position will become second nature and prevent any deviation or swing compensation maneuver when making contact with the ball or the follow through.  Again according to Alistair if the proper sequence of the backswing is in place the rest of the swing will also be in place.  I agree with this, as does Hogan, although after using the Swingcheck on my backswing I noticed by flipping the system and using it on my follow through the same, albeit reverse or mirror image check was also quite valuable and instructive.

Swingcheck Testimonials

The Swingcheck golf training aid is recommended and fully endorsed by several European Golf Professionals including Bernard Gallacher OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) 3 time Ryder Cup Captain and member of the European Tour with 10 victories under his belt.  Such an esteemed testimonial is certainly worth more than a glancing appraisal.

It is now just becoming available for golfers here in the states.  If you are a beginner or seasoned golfer having difficulty with your game I highly recommend this training aid to discover or rediscover the correct swing plane and the 6 check point club positions of a proper backswing or follow through.  As Alistair and Mr. Hogan point out the correct backswing position allows the club to proceed along the proper arc and make square and consistent contact with the ball.  I am sure that the daily 5 minute practice session Alistair recommends in this video will prove to be an epiphany for most.  Additional information and videos are available on his site and can be found here.

If interested in making a purchase the cost of Swingcheck is $137.70 US and for my readers an additional discount of 10% can be obtained by using the coupon code “strokesaver” at checkout.  Currently shipping to the US is $39.78 for one unit or $151.47 for 9 units.

I have appreciated the opportunity to use the Swingcheck for my own golf swing.  I also hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from reading this review.   As always please comment in the section below to improve our future articles and please share, like, plus and tweet this review with the buttons below or to the right to help our SERP’s.  Following is an introductory 2 minute video on how to use Swingcheck and how it will improve your golf swing.

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