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SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review 2018

SkyTrak Launch Monitor & What We All Want ~

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch MonitorThe new SkyTrak Launch Monitor helps you produce better shots and lower scores in less time.  Eliminating a slice or hook or just hitting the ball more squarely for more distance and consistency is what we all dream about.  Practice makes perfect is the old adage.  Effective practice with instant feedback will help reduce this practice time.  These qualities can be quickly achieved with today’s golf simulators and launch monitor systems.

Top Tour Professionals are all using these latest golf tools…

Unfortunately most of us cannot afford the $10,000 to $20,000 price tag associated with most of these golf simulator devices.  SkyTrak Launch Monitor is leading this market and is adding to it with new innovations coming out soon.  Moreover they are doing it at a significant lower price point.


Top Teaching Professionals ~

Golf instructors like Hank Haney have been using launch monitors with their pupils for many years.  I use to live in Dallas where Mr. Haney headquarters his operation.  I know for a fact his lessons, facilities, and equipment are not cheap.  Mr. Haney endorses the SkyTrak system.  To score well on the golf course it is paramount to know the exact distance each club propels the ball.  It is also important to know the predominate shot shape of each of your strokes.  Teaching professionals across the country endorse the SkyTrak Launch Monitor to improve your golf game and lower your score.

Perfect Addition to Your Home Practice Area ~

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch MonitorGolfers with their own driving net at home cannot really know what their shot shape or distance is.  With SkyTrak this is no longer an issue.  Trackman, a launch monitor and competitor of SkyTrak, starts at around $10,000.  This is a bit prohibitive for most of us.  With the new golf launch monitors and simulators tracking distance, backspin, sidespin, launch trajectory, and launch angle from center all give an accurate assessment of critical data.  This data is necessary to know where your shots are actually ending up and how they got there.


Launch Monitor Systems and Golf Simulators ~

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch MonitorSkyTrak is a photometric launch monitor system and golf simulator.  It is small (6” x 7” x 2.5”) and weighs about 2 pounds.  Using it in your garage, living room, or backyard can be done easily.  You can also take it out to the range with you.  The system currently connects wirelessly to your iPad in seconds and gives you the feedback necessary TO KNOW WHERE YOUR SHOTS ARE GOING.

In addition…

You can connect your iPad using a HDMI cable to a projector or large screen TV.  By doing this your SkyTrak becomes a training center similar to those golf simulator machines  at commercial training facilities.  Either way the visual is remarkable and provides a true representation of your shot shape.  One of the innovations coming soon is an app for other mobile devices including Android.

Instant feed-back is essential…

SkyTrak provides excellent feed-back visually of your ball flight, launch angle, and trajectory.  It then gives you the further data read-out on club speed, ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, side angle, carry distance, and total distance with the digital readout monitor.  This data is recorded so you can take a number of different strokes with one particular club and compare the results and see the averages for that series of shots.

You don’t need a lot of room either.  The SkyTrak sits on the floor and casts a laser light out from the device about 12 inches away to designate your ball position.  You can use a tee for drives or other tee shots.  With the visual and technical readout SkyTrak provides it has never been easier to find weaknesses in your game and to make adjustments instantly to evaluate the improvements.  After making adjustments you can then burn the mechanics into your muscle memory.  Ultimately these mechanics can then be taken to the course.

My Practice Session using SkyTrak Launch Monitor ~

SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator I just finished a practice session with a close buddy who owns the SkyTrak.  He has a hitting net and pad set up in his garage.  It took just a few moments to turn the device on and begin a new session.  I chose to start with my six iron so he designated that club in the system.  I hit several shots and watched the shot shape and trajectory on his iPad after each shot.

A visual from tee and landing area…

The SkyTrak provides a visual from the tee as well as the perspective from the back of the range so you can watch the ball come at you as it hits the ground and rolls.  Another couple of the innovations coming soon are the ability to play actual rounds of golf on marque courses across the planet as well as a challenge match set up.  This should keep all of us occupied until the wee hours of the morning.

SkyTrak Digital Statistics ~

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch MonitorThe SkyTrak showed me the club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, carry distance, and total distant of each stroke.  It also showed me how many degrees off center the ball left the teeing ground as well as how many degrees off center the ball came to rest.  Side spin translates into how open or closed the club-face is in relation to the direction the club-head is moving.  As a result I could determine in a moment whether my swing shape was from inside or outside and whether my flight shape was a hook or a slice.  This information is displayed both visually and in digital read-out.  It is therefore easy and instantaneous to know whether your club face is open or closed at impact, something that you cannot know by just hitting into a net.

Data results speak for themselves…

After several shots it gave me a read out of all the shots with the average for each statistic.  This feature allowed me to instantly see the average of my shots, their shape, launch angles, etc. and ultimately my consistency.  I skulled one shot but most of the others were hit solidly.  Even more amazingly I could determine what launch angle and ball speed generated my greatest distances.  Again all of the shots were visible on the screen to get a good feel for their shapes and deviation from center as well as the digital readout with all the parameters and averages.

I am sure you’ll agree…

After using SkyTrak for 20 minutes in your home driving net the instant data and visual feed-back will prove its worth.  The one limitation all golfers have with a driving net is they really have no idea what the ball is actually doing.  By using the SkyTrak launch monitor all of the key data and visual feed-back will be readily accessible and provide the necessary input to improve your stroke and ultimately your golf game.

SkyTrak from an Engineering Perspective ~

Anyway I asked my friend after our session what his true feeling about the device was.  His response was an overwhelming thumbs up and he felt it was worth every penny.  I asked him why and his response was that it gave him immediate feed-back.  Ball speed, launch angle, side spin, carry, and total distance were the important metrics to him.  He also mentioned the accuracy of the statistics it provided.  My friend is an electrical engineer so I took his word for it.  This information was just not possible without a launch monitor / golf simulator device while hitting into a net.  I agree.  Here is a video, also on the SkyTrak site, that gives a pretty good feel for what SkyTrak does:

Bottom Line…

The SkyTrak retails for $1,995, which is not cheap by any stretch.  When you compare it with the other devices on the market though, which accomplish the same thing, the SkyTrak is inexpensive in comparison.  As I pointed out above the Trackman is one such device, also evaluated by my friend, who gave me the technical differences and prices of each.  From what I could tell both systems, by different technical methods, provide the same data.

In my own estimation, if this is a product you can afford and currently use a driving net or practice area in your home or garage, the SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator is a must purchase.  The ability to visualize your shot shape as well as get the data described above with each swing and see the average of a series of shots can do nothing but provide the feed-back crucial to improving your practice sessions and help to engrain the perfect swing.

For further information…

additional videos of the unit in practice or to make a purchase follow this link:  SkyTrak Golf  If you use this link to make a purchase no matter when it is I will get credit.  So thanks in advance.  Also this is a risk free purchase in that SkyTrak provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

For the Latest Update and Promotion…

SkyTrak is offering a $300 discount on any purchase by using the following promo code:  STROKESAVERHOL300  at checkout.  You can now practice, play different courses, use the new skills challenge with friends or simply establish a game improvement plan with the skills assessment feature.  SkyTrak is also offering a financing plan with payments as low as $59.85 per month.

As always please leave me a comment to improve my future reviews and click the share buttons on the right to help my search engine results.  Thank you my readers and cheers for another wonderful day.  Who has the tee time for tomorrow morning?

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