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Orange Whip Trainer Description & Purpose ~

Orange Whip Trainer Golf Training Aid ReviewsThe Orange Whip Trainer is a club like device counter-weighted with a ball on each side of a flexible shaft. It is designed to give the golfer a whip like sensation when swinging to provide dynamic feedback of the player’s swing motion.  Theoretically this flexibility and whip motion as well as the counter weighting of the device gives the golfer a better feel of the swing plane, swinging the club in balance, and the feed-back necessary to better swing the club in tempo and with greater feel.


Orange Whip Trainer Creator ~

Orange Whip Trainer Jim HackenbergJim Hackenberg ~ PGA Tour Professional and teacher is the creator of the Orange Whip Trainer.  He invented this device after years of practice and caddying for a close friend on the PGA Tour.  According to Jim his epiphany came when watching other PGA Tour players up close both on the practice range and the course struggle with their timing, rhythm, tempo, and balance.



Jim’s Thesis ~

As Jim points out he noticed many of the tour pros as well as amateurs struggled with trying to get the club in specific positions which theoretically would produce the correct position when making contact with the ball.  He realized that hitting at the ball produced the wrong sensation, but rather swinging the club in balance and swinging through the ball is what produces the ideal swing and effective result.  Jim’s thesis was that instead of “positions” and “hitting” the ball, he focused rather on a balanced swing motion and found the result was a better “position” and better “contact” with the ball as a result.

How to use the Orange Whip Trainer ~

Orange Whip Trainer Jim HackenbergThe proscribed usage of the Orange Whip Trainer is to practice with the device for 5 to 10 minutes a day to notice an improvement in flexibility, strength, coordination and balanced tempo.  Through this short but periodic golf training with both ends of the device weighted the core muscles as well as the forearms and wrists are flexed and strengthened.  Moreover the synchronization of the arms and torso while swinging the device quickly reveals any imbalance in the swing motion.

Mind and Body Development ~

Jim concluded that practicing just a few short minutes a day while not focusing on striking a golf ball would allow the mind and body to develop the swing naturally.  This elimination of the “strike instinct” creates greater consistency and balance and focuses the attention on the swing motion or swinging the club through the ball.

My own experience ~

Following the directions as prescribed I began swinging the Orange Whip Trainer slowly similar to a pendulum just a foot or two to both sides.  I then began to lengthen the arc until finally I was swinging with full force and a complete arc and full swing.  I lost my balance a few times as my swing became longer.  I then stopped and restarted the swing motion from a small arc and progressed into a large arc once again.  After several attempts I could actually feel my swing become more steady and flowing.

Balance and Fluid Motion ~

I continued this exercise for the next 10 minutes and found that my swing became easier and more fluid as well as improved balance throughout the swing.  The small hiccups or glitches in my swing seemed to disappear and overall the motion was on plane and in balance.  After swinging the device for this first practice session I immediately went out to my driving range at my house and began hitting a few balls.  I frankly was amazed.  My strokes seemed effortless and my contact and the trajectory of my shots were perfect.

Feeling is Believing ~

I know this sounds hard to believe, but this in fact was the case.  The Orange Whip in just one 10 minute practice session consolidated and ironed out the small idiosyncratic and unnecessary motions I had previously incorporated, maybe unconsciously into my swing.  Overall my impressions are a thumbs up and would recommend this device for any golfer, especially those that suffer from the enigmatic slice.  Anyone that is coming over the top or swinging the club from outside to in will immediately discover their fault and with this device can easily make the necessary adjustments.

By following the prescribed routine of practice I believe the Orange Whip Trainer will put you on the correct path to a more fluid, balanced, and consistent swing.

A few added thoughts I just interjected from day two.  A well balanced swing is key to square and consistent contact.  The Orange Whip Trainer’s primary contribution to improving a golfer’s swing lies here in this attribute I believe.  Now, after using the Orange Whip for 2 consecutive days for about 10 minutes each session and then proceeding to hit 10 to 15 balls, I can determine that my swing motion, i.e. my swing plane, my tempo, and most importantly my balance have all benefited.  As of March 2016 I have been using the device each day throughout the winter.  This is a great swing aid for improving balance and improving the overall swing motion.  I highly recommend the Orange Whip for all golfers beginning and seasoned.  It helps to keep the golf muscles in tune and ultimately builds consistency.

The Orange Whip is the number one best-selling golf training aid on the market.  If you have an interest in getting more information about this device or potentially making a purchase use the coupon code “strokesaver” during your check out for an additional 10% off as a promotion for reading this review.  This training aid retails for  $109.  You can follow this link Orange Whip to access their site.  I might also add this is a risk free purchase with their 30 day money back guarantee.  Below are a couple of short videos from their site which gives you a better look at what I have been trying to describe.  In the second video PGA Instructor Jim Hardy gives his description of the benefits of the Orange Whip Trainer.

I also wanted to add one testimonial from their site:  “I ABSOLUTELY love the Orange Whip Trainer! It has allowed students to feel a golf swing motion rather than a hit position, allowed for smoother and more efficient warming up, helps students create lag in the start of the forward swing, helps students understand the proper sequence of the golf swing unwinding from the bottom up and has been a great topic of discussion in the golf shop as customers pass ask what the orange ball on the stick is! There are a lot of training tools out in the industry and the Orange Whip Trainer is one of my top 5 favorites!”

Nicole Weller

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  1. The Orange Whip is the best tool for synchronizing your swing and improving your tempo and timing. Every golfer needs this!

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