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The GolfGym Golf Training Aids Review and Coupon Code

Ken Pierce, creator, inventor, and President of GolfGym began his quest in 1986 and has continued over the years to refine and improve his golf training aid devices to help golfers, instructors, coaches, and trainers improve their game as well as their students.

The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer

GolfGym PowerSwing TrainerThe GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer retails for $39.95 and is the perfect golf training device for helping golfers play better and play longer.  It has an instructional grip on one end and is small, compact, and portable.  The PowerSwing Tainer can easily fit in your golf bag and can be used in an assortment of different manners to effectively strengthen specific golf muscles to gain distance, improve flexibility, and engender golf longevity.

Strengthen Golf Muscles

By standing on the foot peg with either foot (use both feet sequentially) stretch the PowerSwing Trainer to the top of the back swing and then back again repeating the process 10 or 15 times.  Next stretch the device forward on the follow through another 10 or 15 times then repeat the process (both back swing and follow through) with the foot peg under the alternate foot.  You will immediately feel the stretch in the arms, back and torso.  After just one session using this device I have to say that I have never used any golf training aid that utilized and exhausted my golf muscles faster or more effectively.  Here is an excellent video by Gary Player illustrating what I am describing.

Other benefits of using the GolfGym GolfSwing Trainer include increased club head speed, engraining a proper swing plane, and proper extension through the ball.

Multiple Exercises

As with the GolfGym PowerSwing Plus the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer can be used as a cable type trainer for numerous strength and flexibility exercises.  Instead of describing them all here I will defer to the GolfGym site for videos and descriptions here.  Suffice it to say these types of exercises are exceeding effective for gaining strength and flexibility for specific muscle groups used in the golf swing.  Be sure to use the device on each side to provide the opposite muscle group a polarity or converse workout.  This will help avoid injury and at the same time stretch each muscle group in the opposite direction.

GolfGym PowerSwing Plus

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer PlusThe PowerSwing Plus is everything the PowerSwing Trainer is with the addition of adding a club to the equation.  At $34.95 the PowerSwing Plus is an inexpensive yet effective golf training aid that not only strengthens specific golf muscles, but increases flexibility, engrains the swing plane, increases club head speed and can be used with the door attachment to act as a cable machine.

Using the device as a cable machine it should be used in all directions to incorporate a polarity effect and work the golf muscles from opposite sides.  If you read my golf fitness article on this site I mention the importance of swinging both as a right handed player while warming up and then to alter the swinging motion and swing as if you were a left handed player.  Over a lifetime of playing this game I have found that an opposite motion will help to prevent injury while stretching and strengthening the muscles in an opposite or polarity fashion.

The Squeasy

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer SqueasyBallIncrease grip strength and build golf muscles with the Squeasy.  This small “carry anywhere” device is the perfect tool to help strengthen a golfer’s grip in addition to strengthening multiple golf muscles in the arms, back, shoulders, and chest.  The Squeasy retails for $4.50.

Using this device anywhere while working, driving, watching your favorite golf championship on television or taking five or ten minutes before hitting the range or course, with consistent application, the Squeasy can vastly improve your strength and enjoyment of the game.

Gripping, holding, releasing, and regripping this small spongy ball repeatedly with each hand, just the last 3 fingers of each hand or holding the ball between both hands and compressing it while extending your arms in front of you or extended over your head will make you realize very quickly the effectiveness and simplicity of this small device.

To see a complete application of the Squeasy visit GolfGym’s website here.  Or you can watch a youtube video here.

Final thoughts

Fitness, strength, and flexibility all contribute to a better golf swing and better golf game resulting in lower scores and greater enjoyment.  Obviously strength specific conditioning is paramount for any athletic endeavor focusing primarily on the specific muscle groups required to optimally perform that activity.

Today’s top golfers are more physically fit and conscious of the importance of training, fitness, strength, and flexibility than ever before.  As an amateur golfer, yet yearning for a better game, these key ingredients can only help to perform and execute the golf swing at a higher and more consistent level.

GolfGym’s array of golf training aids are the perfect complement for any golfer, pro or amateur, seeking to improve their golf swing and lower their scores.  My recommendation is a thumbs up for each of GolfGym’s devices and personally recommend their products.  If interested in making a purchase click the banner at the bottom of this review and use the coupon code “strokesaver” on the checkout page for an additional 10% off.  Like all devices I review, GolfGym’s products provide a risk free purchase with a 30 day money back guarantee.

In addition if you found this review helpful please comment, share, like and plus this page to the right to help our SERP’s.  It is our objective to help all golfers improve their game, lower their scores, and increase their enjoyment of this great game.


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