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Chute Trainer Review 2015 and Coupon Code

Chute Trainer Golf Training Aid Review ~

Chute Trainer golf training aidsWell I just tried out the new Chute Trainer device for golfers to help increase club head speed and better time the unwinding of the body on the down swing of the golf stroke.

I followed the instructions that came with the product and attached the Chute Trainer to my club, (I used my three wood), and swung the club about 10 times at about fifty percent of my normal swing speed.  Also per the instructions I then increased my swing motion to full throttle and swung the club another ten or so times.  To answer one of my readers comments the Chute Trainer is easy to attach and detach from any club with a quick snap on hook.  Also the Chute Trainer did not get tangled up in the back swing or the down swing.  My findings were that the Chute Trainer is small enough to prevent this occurrence yet large enough to inflate and slow the downswing and create drag.

Chute Trainer Produces Increased Club Head Speed ~

At this point I detached the Chute Trainer and swung the club.  As you might expect the club felt like a feather at this point with zero resistance and without actually measuring my club head speed I could tell I was swinging the club much faster than before.

Chute Trainer Improves Swing Plane and Tempo ~

I was surprised actually that indeed the resistance the Chute Trainer provided made such a noticeable difference with just fifteen to twenty swings.  Because of the lag nature the device creates I also noticed that it helped to better keep my swing motion on plane as well as improve the tempo of my swing.

Chute Trainer Contrasted to Swing Donut ~

I have used weighted doughnuts in the past where the sensation after detaching the doughnut is similar, i.e. the club feels like a feather and as a result the swing speed is increased.  That being said the resistance and lag nature the Chute Trainer provided, over and above the increased weight a doughnut provides, increased the feel of the swing plane and improved the tempo of my swing.

Chute Trainer to Build Golf Muscles ~

The company’s recommendation for use of this product is a periodic regimen of swinging the device three or four times per week for about ten minutes each session.  Admittedly not having used the product more than one time I can see that a weekly practice session with the device can easily improve the three key golf swing elements I mentioned above, i.e. club head speed, adherence to a proper swing plane, and good tempo.  In addition to these benefits though, the resistance the Chute Trainer provides, used on a periodic basis, cannot help but strengthen your specific golf muscles, similar to the rubber band aids on the market.

The product looks to be made of nylon or some similar material and is well constructed.  From what I understand it is made in the United States and is patent pending.

Chute Trainer Endorsements ~

Chute Trainer PGA Teacher of the Year golf training aidsKathy Gildersleeve-Jensen PGA professional and National Teacher of the year endorses Chute Trainer and encourages her students to use it.  Obviously professional teachers see the benefits of using this device.  Chute Trainer was also featured at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento, California where they were the top selling vendor last year out of 185 vendors at the event.  I guess I am not the only user to be impressed.  Chute Trainer is also available for racket, throwing, and stick sports.

Chute Trainer Coupon Code ~

The product retails for $39.99 and has a thirty day money back guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied you can return it for a full refund.  Chute Trainer is light weight and can easily fit into your golf bag and be taken anywhere.  I give it a thumbs up.  If you are like me and want to improve your stroke and game this is an inexpensive new and effective golf training gadget.  If you want additional information or care to make a purchase follow the logo link below and enter the coupon code “howtoplaygolfbetter” for an additional 10% discount.Chute Trainer golf training aids

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