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Golf Fitness Training to Play Golf Better and Longer

Golf fitness begins with strength and ends with suppleness. To play better golf and to play for a longer time, into old age, both of these characteristics must be worked on systematically and regularly. Core strength is essential to maintain a healthy back and torso. Hands, wrists, shoulders, and knees all take a beating and require both strength and flexibility training. Without a periodic regimen of strength exercise your golf career could be cut short. There are numerous examples of tour players who develop periodic and chronic physical problems attributable to the repetitive nature of the golf swing.

Golf Fitness Training Muscle Usage

Golf Fitness ~ Strength Training

From the diagram on the left you can see that the core muscles of the chest and back in addition to the arm and leg muscles are being utilized.  From the outset and one of the best exercises a golfer can incorporate into a periodic regimen of golf fitness training are push-ups.  No special machines or equipment are required.  Push-ups strengthen the triplex muscles of the arms as well as the biceps, deltoids and lower arm muscles.  They also build strength in the chest, the abdominal area, the latissimus dorsi and rhomboid of the back.

Deep knee bends are another simple exercise you can take on the road and that require no special equipment or mechanical device to improve your golf fitness.  By doing deep knee bends the quadricep muscles in the front of the legs as well as the rear femaral muscles are also strengthened.

Finally running or jogging is not only helpful for strengthening core golf muscles of the abdominal area and the upper and lower leg muscles. but more importantly running increases an athlete’s endurance and cardio-vascular conditioning.  The better any athlete is conditioned the more prepared and capable he or she will be both physically and mentally when coming down the stretch when the heat is on and the chips are at a premium.

Golf Fitness ~ Flexibility Training

There are several simple stretching exercises that any golfer can use, without mechanical assistance, which will increase their longevity as a golfer and also increase their enjoyment of the game.  A simple golf fitness stretch from a standing position and touching your toes is a good place to start.  A caveat should be said before any further stretching exercise is implemented.  When doing any kind of stretch, only stretch to where you first begin to feel the pain.  Do not exceed this position.  Only stretch to where you feel comfortable and then hold that stretch for 20 seconds.  Do not bounce or push beyond this position.  I repeat only stretch to the point where you feel a slight pain and then hold it for 20 seconds.  By doing this daily you will begin to notice your stretch begins to lengthen.  Another good stretch is from a sitting position and again touch your toes with your fingers and then hold the stretch for 20 seconds.  If at first you cannot touch your toes do not worry.  Only stretch to the point where you feel the slightest pain and then hold the stretch for 20 seconds.  With each succeeding day’s exercise you will begin to notice an increase to the amount of stretch you can accomplish comfortably.  For some additional specific golf fitness stretching exercises watch the following workout by Adam Scott.

Golf Fitness ~ Breathing

A third thought on stretching and strength training.  When doing either strength or flexibility exercises breathing is vastly overlooked.  Breathe as slowly and deeply as you can comfortably.  When performing strength training inhale on the easy part of the exercise and exhale on the difficult part of the exercise. You should try and do this as deeply as is comfortable. It will become second nature soon. When stretching and holding your stretch for 20 seconds, breathe as slowly and deeply as you can throughout the stretch.  This will help your cardio-vascular system and provide additional oxygen to your muscles.

Golf Fitness ~ Polarity Training

Golf fitness polarity training is crucially important to not only avoid injury, but also to maintain balance system wide. As you may have noticed after a long period of time doing anything repetitive, your muscles and skeletal structure will become almost transfixed and dominated by those same muscles or structural elements with which the activity has been focused. I am a firm believer in balancing this movement or motion by an opposing motion or movement. By doing this the opposite or “other side” muscle groups and skeletal structure is activated and stretched. Also the initial group is stretched or compressed in the opposite direction that occurred in the first sequence. For example, if you have just completed and hour of hitting balls on the range take some time to swing the club in the other direction, i.e. if you are a right handed player, take several minutes to swing the club slowly as if you were hitting balls left handed. Do this slowly and hold both sides of the stretch. This should also be incorporated into every exercise you participate in. If you are pulling a band from left to right to strengthen your golf muscles, spend an equal amount of time pulling the band from right to left. I think you will immediately notice a profound since of equilibrium and comfort, almost calmness.

Golf Fitness ~ Objective

It will be the objective of this page to periodically post the most up to date golf fitness training information that can help golf enthusiasts increase the muscles and flexibility necessary to play golf at its highest level.  In addition we hope to progressively post reviews and links of different golf fitness training professionals from around the country who can provide one-on-one golf fitness training close to your home.  This first video below is an excellent place to begin and one that can be done on the range just prior to hitting balls.

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