Taylormade R-15 Driver

Taylormade R15 Driver ~ Best Driver on the Market

Taylormade R 15 / How to Play Golf BetterOur first golf equipment review is on the new Taylormade R15 Driver.  Speaking from a position of driving the ball with Taylormade drivers for more than 20 years I find these drivers to be the best for my swing speed (100 mph) and give me plenty of distance and accuracy off the tee.  The look of the club also fits my eye.  I started hitting Taylormade metal woods when they were the only metal wood manufacturer on the market.  The stock Taylormade R15 driver comes in lofts ranging from 9.5 to 14 degrees and graphite shafts with flex ranges from senior to extra stiff.  Taylormade claims the driver has a lower and more forward center of gravity resulting in higher launch angles and lower spin.  R15_Driver_Charts_75-Low-and-Forward As you can see in the image on the far left there are a couple of sliding split weights (12.5 grams) each that can be adjusted to the toe of the slot for fade promotion, to the heel of the slot for draw promotion, to the center of the slot for maximum distance or can be split for maximum stability.  I have tried numerous other drivers, but I find this one to be my favorite.

Custom Shafts for the Taylormade R15 Driver

Taylormade provides a number of custom graphite carbon shafts from Aldila (a shaft maker from way back) with stiff and softer tip sections to promote low or higher launch angles.  The shafts are tapered and reportedly promote consistency and feel with weights ranging from 60 to 75 grams.  Shaft flex limits range from regular to extra stiff with torque of from 3.2 to 4.0.  In addition they also have an ultra light shaft coming in at 43 grams called the Aldila NV 44 Magnum.  44 MagnumIt is composed of a carbon fiber and resin “Micro Laminate Technology” with flex points from A to X.  This shaft is one I would like to try out.

Taylor also provides shafts from Fujikura, Graphite Design, Matrix Ozik, Mitsubishi, Oban Kiyoshi, Project X, UST Mamiya, in addition to several steel shafts by KBS, Nippon, & True Temper.  The steel shafts usually come in around 100 grams plus and are rarely seen these days, especially among tour pros.

Grip Varieties Taylormade R-15 Driver

Taylormade also provides an assortment of different grips you can have on your clubs.  Again grips like shafts are a matter of personal preference and feel.  As we all swing at different speeds and have different size hands and strengths our preferences differ considerably.  Lamkin, Dri-Tac, Iomic, and Golf Pride are all available for your Taylor clubs.  We will discuss grips in another golf equipment post.


Finally the Taylormade R15 Driver comes in at $429.99 and in our book is worth every penny.  Taylormade drivers after all are the most widely used drivers on tour and for good reason.  When you’re playing for millions of dollars and supporting the wife and kids accuracy and distance are a premium.  From my own personal experience Taylormade is “THE” brand for overall performance in drivers.  I like the club’s appearance, it’s feel, the sound it makes when striking the ball, and most of all the results it produces.  Read more here.

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Taylormade R-15 Driver

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