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Golf Reviews / How to play golf betterGolf reviews is a category page for selecting the type of review you are interested in.  We plan on providing the latest in reviews of golf training aids, golf equipment, golf vacations, golf lessons, and golf fitness programs.  It is our hope to not only provide objective reviews but also to give specific geographic access to particular programs around the United States with links for more detailed information on each site.  It will also be our aim to provide coupons or discounts for each of these programs and devices for our readers when available.  It is our hope that you will benefit from this information and easily find what you are looking for.  Ultimately our objective of playing better golf, playing longer and having more fun is the outcome.  As always please leave us comments on each page you visit and let us know if we missed something or could have provided additional information.  Also to help our search engine ranking position (SERP’s) please share, like and Google Plus each article or review.  This really helps.  Cheers!

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