Slice Repair for the Perplexed


Slice Repair | For the Perplexed

Eliminate your golf slice and strike the ball more consistently with greater power and accuracy.  Like life, golf is a game of balance, rhythm, and fundamentals.  In this short text you will learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and some of the more esoteric thoughts regarding golf and life.  You will also learn the primary causes that create a slice and how to remedy them.  Good Luck and Tally Ho!

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Golf Instruction | Slice Repair

Golf Swing Tips Slice Repair

Cure your slice in 5 days or less or the book’s on me

If you fall into the puzzling realm of slicing the ball with no remedy in sight, try reading this short 20 minute eBook on the fundamentals of a repeating and effective golf swing.  Within 5 days or less of practicing the fundamentals outlined in this book your slice will be gone for good.

Short and Sweet

This text is short, so don’t buy it for a Dostoyevsky-esque length novel.  It is to the point and covers the necessary ingredients to cure one’s slice.

Say good bye to frustration

and hello to straighter shots and more distance through

  • proper set up and grip – these will provide greater consistency and allow proper execution of the swing plane
  • take-away, down-swing, and follow-through – these fundamentals will facilitate solid contact and impact with the ball along the intended swing path
  • good tempo, balance, and release – the final components to build confidence, consistency, solid contact, and greater distance

Both Bob Jones and Ben Hogan

talk about the importance of these principles in videos on our site and can be found here: Bob Jones, Ben Hogan

Read what others say

regarding the principles in this small book:

“This little book describes in precise, pragmatic detail all aspects of how to replicate the ideal solid and repeatable golf stroke. If you follow the clear directions and practice the simple suggested exercises, I have no doubt your slice (or hook, for that matter) will be a thing of the past. The book reminds me a bit of the classic volume by Ben Hogan, The Five Fundamentals of Golf, but I think the advice given here may be even simpler for today’s recreational player to grasp.  For instance, I think the comparison the author makes between the golf swing and throwing a Frisbee — showing how power is generated in both cases by engaging your entire left side rather that just your hand and arm, and demonstrating how your left hand turns over during both motions — is brilliant and resonates with my generation.  Most of the advice in here you can probably eventually get from one-on-one lessons with your local pro. This book is a cheaper alternative, however, if you have the patience and discipline to study and apply the concepts it contains.” ~ Scott O.

If you are not completely satisfied

with your purchase or if it did not provide the answers to curing your slice, send me an email at and I will be happy to return your purchase price, no questions asked.

Comparatively small investment

Finally as pointed out in the testimonials, the cost of this small book is a fraction of what you would pay to your local golf pro for a single lesson or the cost of a new set of clubs.

Other testimonials:

“This is an easy read that provides a great perspective on curing the slice. I have played golf for many years and like many have struggled with the slice. I have since taken many lessons $$$ and practiced many hours to get rid of that curse. The author gives a concise explanation of what causes a slice and simple remedies to cure it. I highly recommend this book to anybody that loves the game of golf as I do, the authors perspective is refreshing and insightful.” ~ Kenneth W.

“I love the game of golf. Like many others, I am always working on my game with hopes of some day being a scratch golfer. I found this to be very informative and easy to understand. The author does a great job of breaking down and simplifying each component of the swing. Upon reading this, I was able to identify three areas I need to focus on, in order to cure my fade/slice. If you are someone who slices the ball, I highly recommend taking twenty or thirty minutes to read this article. My guess is that you too will discover areas of opportunity to improve your game.” ~ Jerry T.

“This golf guide is for most golfers who are interested in learning how to play golf with a proper foundation. I would love to see more golfers read informative guides like this rather than buying expensive golf clubs to cure their bad habits.” ~ Mary T.

“I have nearly given up the game because of a nasty slice. I read the book and followed the steps – the first practice shot was straight and true in the middle of the fairway (practice tee) – THANK YOU – no more tree killing for me.” ~ Kim S.

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