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Want More Power, Consistency, and Accuracy?  I Have Discovered a Simple Technique to Play Your Best Golf Ever…Guaranteed…The Golf Theriac


Golf Theriac


The Golf Theriac

The Golf Theriac is a simple tool for premium VIP golfers who want to play their best golf consistently with power and accuracy.  Whether pro, amateur, old or young, man or woman, if you are struggling with your golf swing or game the Golf Theriac system will improve your swing instantly with dramatic results that last a lifetime.  This is not an idle claim nor is it anything you have ever heard before.  No one is teaching it because no one is aware of it accept for maybe a monk or yogi somewhere in Tibet or China.  Believe it or not the Golf Theriac will change your game forever.  If results are what you seek, try this system now.


If you are like most golfers consistency with striking the ball with power, accuracy, and confidence  comes and goes from one day to the next.  Even the professional players around the planet suffer from this malady. Admittedly striking a golf ball utilizing the entire body’s motion and musculature has almost an infinite number of variables from which some deviation can occur.  If one muscle group becomes over used or stressed it tightens and reduces the flexibility associated with that group and thus results in overcompensation with another.  This yet is just one of a myriad of issues golfers face.

While considering the complexity with which a golf swing is composed it is difficult to imagine how anyone can accurately strike a small ball hundreds of yards down a tree lined fairway and onto a smallish platform surrounded by water and into or next to a small hole.  Now consider doing this on a consistent basis.  This is the lure of golf and a primary reason for its popularity.  The miracles that sometimes occur on a golf course are tantamount to the universe moving with sublime perfection.  Imagine this on every stroke.

Perhaps you believe in a higher power or super conscience?  You may even believe in some sort of connection to this primal mover.  Have you ever struggled with a problem only to have it miraculously appear out of thin air? The power of the mind and its connection to the infinite is the essence of this system developed to help all golfers, whether a negative handicapper or 20 handicapper.  This simple yet sublime technique will allow you to play with greater power, consistency, accuracy, and confidence.  If you have lost your swing or have become perplexed to the point of throwing in the towel, I can help.  Tiger, et al I am talking to you.  (This will alleviate that pull you frequently ingrain.)


Golfers spend numerous hours practicing, paying for lessons, buying new clubs, investing in the latest golf training aids, or simply giving up on their ambition.  How often does a golfer, or anyone for that matter, look inward?  The Golf Theriac is a system and method that taps into this power and frees the mind of all physical swing thoughts and positions as well as the uncertainty associated with pressure.  The keys to the universe are available to everyone and I can help you find them.


I contend and can prove you already have the necessary tools to play the best game of your life, or at least one of them.  I have discovered a simple secret technique, that anyone can employ, that will produce a repeatable method for striking the golf ball with greater power, accuracy, consistency, and confidence.  This method utilizes your power of visualization and can be accessed each time you address the ball, whether on the tee box, fairway or green.  Your strokes will be effortless, powerful, and accurate.

I am so confident that this secret will improve your game, I am willing to travel to your location (anywhere on the planet) and spend the afternoon with you at your favorite club and play a round of golf with you.  After revealing this formula I guarantee you will play one of the best rounds of golf in your life or I will return all of your money minus my expenses.  This technique can be used the rest of your life with remarkable results.

I am available to Skype if you would like to get to know me before committing to a purchase.  Email me at with Premium VIP in the subject line and I will give you my Skype name.

My services are not cheap, but neither are the results.  For this premium service I charge $4,995 for those in the US or $6,995 for those outside the US.  If you need immediate consultation within the next 48 hours I may be able to accommodate you for an additional charge.  Incidentally the first time I employed this technique I broke 70 for the first time.

The Golf Theriac

The essence of this system is simple yet is broken down into 4 distinct processes.

  • Evaluation
  • Attitude
  • Prescription
  • Visualization

Each of these 4 processes is further broken down into singular component parts that combine together to produce an effective, repeatable swing and game.  Again if you have become lost in your quest and require an extraordinary solution email me for a consultation or tap this link.


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