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If you fall into the puzzling realm of slicing the ball with no remedy in sight, try reading this short 20 minute eBook on the fundamentals of a repeating and effective golf swing.  Within 5 days or less of practicing the fundamentals outlined in this book your slice will be gone for good.  To get an instant downloadable PDF of this remarkable and recently updated version of Slice Repair click on the Title above.

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Proper Golf Swing

Golf Swing HoganThe process of playing golf better is a combination of practice and proper golf swing technique.  If you watch any telecast of golf you will immediately notice that there are as many different types of golf swings as there are golfers playing professionally.  That being said does not negate what I said in the first sentence of this paragraph however.  Critically the inch in front of the ball and the inch in back of the ball during each of these professional swings is near identical.

Proper Golf Swing Technique

The proper golf swing brings the leading edge of the club into the ball along the target line and has a square leading edge in relation to the direction the club head is swinging.  This of course will produce a straight flying shot one that is directed toward your target.  All professional golfers arrive at this position with various idiosyncratic machinations primarily a result from different body types, different levels of flexibility, and different instructional backgrounds.

Golf Swing Fundamentals

Ultimately all golfers strive to achieve this split second coordinated motion with the latest in photo-metric golf simulators, top-dollar video instructional help, hours of practice, meditation, as well as reading the latest guru’s esoteric thoughts and recommendations.  In lieu of going into the specific golf swing fundamentals in this short article I will defer to a small eBook I have written above on curing one’s slice.  In this small book I cover the golf swing fundamentals with illustrations and you can find it above in this small eBook.

Golf Practice

Finally the last necessary ingredient to playing golf better and enjoying the game more is to practice the proper technique.  Again all of us swing a little differently, but in the last analysis if we are going to hit the ball straight, hit the ball with a slight fade or hit the ball with a slight draw we must first do what the professional golfers do one inch in front and one inch in back of the ball, i.e. to square the leading edge of the clubface in relation to the direction it is moving on both sides of the ball during the execution of the swing.  Then we must practice that motion until it becomes second nature.  I will have some thoughts on this in my next post.  Cheers and who has the tee time for tomorrow morning.  Also please share, comment, and Google plus this article if you found it helpful.


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