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Stay Behind The Ball With Proper Weight Shift

Golf Swing of Jeff MaggertThe golf swing of Jeff Maggert perfectly illustrates two key points to hitting the ball squarely and with greater consistency.  First in the following video notice Jeff’s weight shift moving back on the back swing and forward on the follow through.  This proper weight shift is sometimes reversed with amateur swings, more commonly referred to as a “reverse weight shift“.  Instead of moving back and then forward I see many golfers moving forward and then backward.  Take note of where your weight is on your follow through.  It should be on the outside of your left foot (for right handed golfers).  Load your swing to the right side on the back swing and then release through to your left side on the follow through.

Second notice Jeff’s head throughout the swing.  You can watch the bushes behind his head in this video and notice there is almost no movement at all.  There is a slight movement backward on the back swing, but notice on the down swing and follow through his head never passes the position of his address.  His head remains in this position to the top of his follow through.  He is keeping his head behind the ball throughout the swing.  There is very little lateral movement what so ever which is key to making square contact and fully releasing the club.

I have been playing golf and watching it for years.  Jeff Maggert is one of the best examples of proper weight shift and staying behind the ball through impact.  For all those struggling with their game, take note of these two key ingredients of the golf swing and I am sure your game will improve.  As always if you found this article helpful please comment below and please share with the buttons on the right.  This will help us to provide better information in the future and to improve our SERP’s.

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