Golf Course Management

Golf Course Management

golf course managementEvaluate your Strengths & Weaknesses

Golf course management or utilizing your strengths and weaknesses while playing the game can help all golfers play better, lower their scores and have more fun.  The key is playing shots you feel comfortable with and avoiding those you don’t.

Keep The Ball in Play

When playing a round of golf keeping the ball “in play” is essential to avoiding double, triple bogeys and higher.  Obviously hitting out of the fairway is your first objective.  Staying out of the rough, trees, sand, and water can be as simple as using a shorter club off the tee.

Analyze Each Hole Before Teeing Off

Therefore evaluating your game plan on each hole is a necessary part of keeping the ball “in play”.  When I first began playing the game of golf, one of my weaknesses was consistently hitting a good driver off the tee.  Instead of using a driver I utilized my 2 iron because I hit it consistently, with solid contact and almost always found myself in the fairway.

More Greens in Regulation

Admittedly I could not drive the ball as far as my companions and therefore had a longer distance into the green, but my approach shots were almost always from the fairway.  This resulted in more greens hit in regulation and a lower score.

Avoiding the Hazards

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses and breaking each hole down before teeing off on each hole you can avoid the hazards that require additional strokes.  By keeping the ball “in play” and playing from the fairway you will eliminate 5, 10 or more strokes each round.

Become Consistent With One Shot

Par fours today are anywhere from 300 to almost 500 yards in distance.  By hitting two 200 yard shots you will be close to almost all the par 4’s on a golf course.  Find a club in your bag you can consistently hit 200 plus yards long and you will begin to lower your scores.

Work on Your Weaknesses After the Round

Finally after each round evaluate each hole in your mind, find out where your mistakes were made, and then go to the practice tee or green and work on those specific shots.  Become proficient with those strokes and you will begin building a repertoire of shots to include in your future games.

Build Additional Strengths Into Your Game

Remember play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.  Practice your weaknesses after each round and you will soon begin building additional strengths into your game.  These are just some of the first keys to improving your golf course management and lowering your score.  Stay tuned for future articles on managing your golf game around the course.

Butch Harmon Video

I have included an excellent video by Butch Harmon on course management below.  As always please comment, like, share, plus, and tweet to help our SERP’s and future articles.

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