Golf Fundamentals

Ernie Els ~ golf fundamentals

Golf Fundamentals Fitness I just ran across this video with Ernie Els, Hall of Fame golfer, who describes for us the positions and feel when hitting his driver.  This man is what one might describe as the master of understatement.  I can’t help but chuckle when he describes the necessary fitness required to play competitively.  He speaks about the importance of fitness to increase flexibility and prolong a golfing career.  This man is undoubtedly one of the most fit and in shape golfers on the planet and is built like a brick wall.  He suggests “try to keep yourself in …

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Golf Course Management

Golf Course Management Evaluate your Strengths & Weaknesses Golf course management or utilizing your strengths and weaknesses while playing the game can help all golfers play better, lower their scores and have more fun.  The key is playing shots you feel comfortable with and avoiding those you don’t. Keep The Ball in Play When playing a round of golf keeping the ball “in play” is essential to avoiding double, triple bogeys and higher.  Obviously hitting out of the fairway is your first objective.  Staying out of the rough, trees, sand, and water can be as simple as using a shorter …

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Golf Swing ~ Jeff Maggert

Golf Swing Tip Stay Behind The Ball With Proper Weight Shift The golf swing of Jeff Maggert perfectly illustrates two key points to hitting the ball squarely and with greater consistency.  First in the following video notice Jeff’s weight shift moving back on the back swing and forward on the follow through.  This proper weight shift is sometimes reversed with amateur swings, more commonly referred to as a “reverse weight shift“.  Instead of moving back and then forward I see many golfers moving forward and then backward.  Take note of where your weight is on your follow through.  It should be on …

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Golf Poetry by Robert Candler

Robert Candler

How to play golf better Over fifty years have passed,

Tho’ it seems like just the other day;

My father gave me golf clubs,

“It’s a game you need to learn to play.”


He said, “It’s very difficult, but so is life.

There’s more to learn than grip and swing and rules,

Like honesty and dealing with adversity;

Then, pointing to his head, “… and how to use ALL your tools.


Play the Course… and Mother Nature…

Focus on just one shot at a time;

Try to learn from each of your mistakes;

Then, do your best to leave them behind.


These clubs will teach you more

Than our ‘man to man’ talks.

This you’ll learn for yourself,

So you can “walk the walk.”


“Practice makes better, but not perfect.

And always remember what they say:

‘”Golf is not a game that we can win.

It’s just a game we play.’”


His lessons served me very well,

Took them to heart and play the game.

And life is much like a round of golf.

Despite the bad shots, I’m always glad I came.

Proper Golf Swing Technique

Proper Golf Swing The process of playing golf better is a combination of practice and proper golf swing technique.  If you watch any telecast of golf you will immediately notice that there are as many different types of golf swings as there are golfers playing professionally.  That being said does not negate what I said in the first sentence of this paragraph however.  Critically the inch in front of the ball and the inch in back of the ball during each of these professional swings is near identical. Proper Golf Swing Technique The proper golf swing brings the leading edge …

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PGA Championship

97th PGA Championship ~ Whistling Straits The fourth and final major golf championship of 2015 is underway and by the looks of the players and the venue the competition seems to be taking shape.  The venue for this year’s event takes place at Whistling Straits in Kohler Wisconsin, strangely familiar to this year’s venue for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay.  Incredibly some of the same players that played well at Chambers Bay are also finding Whistling Straits a course to their liking.  Jason Day, leader after 3 rounds, is 15 under par and remarkably, 2015 two time major champion …

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Open Championship

Open Championship Open Championship Round One Well the 144th edition of the Open Championship has begun and the players are beginning to position themselves. The weather is overcast and the wind is freshening. According to Dustin Johnson, currently alone in the lead at 7 under par, commented that the inward half was playing more difficult with the wind against and from the left while the wind was helping and coming from the right on the outward half. Open Championship & Jordan’s Quest 2015 Masters Champion and U.S. Open Champion Jordan Spieth, who played with Dustin and positioned at 5 under …

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US Open at Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay US Open

US Open’s debut in the Northeast ~ THE week has finally arrived ~ I have been waiting for this event since the Masters Championship ended.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been several notable events take place in the interim, but the second major golf championship of the season is finally here.  Our country’s national championship and most prestigious of events is here.  I will probably get some arguments about that one. No Invitation Required One of the great and most significant attributes this championship represents is that it is an Open event, i.e. open to anyone that can qualify, be it …

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The Lay for the Troubled Golfer

By Edgar A. Guest His eye was wild and his face was taut with anger and hate and rage, And the things he muttered were much too strong for the ink of the printed page. I found him there when the dusk came down, in his golf clothes still was he, And his clubs were strewn around his feet as he told his grief to me: “I’d an easy five for a seventy-nine—in sight of the golden goal— An easy five and I took an eight—an eight on the eighteenth hole! “I’ve dreamed my dreams of the ‘seventy men,’ and I’ve …

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